Liquid Cheer

We’re  hosting our annual holiday party next weekend and  tonight the face-off to select the signature drink begins! Last year’s Winter sun cocktail was a hit (with a sugar rim and sprig of rosemary no less), but my husband Jason spent most of the evening preparing the freshly  squeezed clementine juice (3 clementines per glass), so we are taking a simpler approach this year.


We rounded up a few of our favourite recipes from around the web. In the running so far? The Cranberry thyme gin and tonic, the Pomegranate Tarrago Caprioka, the Bourbon Boomber, the Pomegranate-Cranberry sparkler, the Elderberry Cordial Spritzer or Golden Apple Cider. I love the idea of choosing one signature cocktail to serve along with bubbles, wine and beer for an at-home holiday party. It keeps the shopping list easy, and makes a chic and simple bar set-up in our tiny kitchen. Check-out the Spread Love pinterest board for more of our favourite signature cocktails.


What are you serving this holiday season?


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