Five ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 10th (that’s 8 days away). We have met some pretty amazing mom’s over the years. If you are fortunate to have a special mom, grandma, or maternal figure in your life, there is no time like now to show her some love.

Whether she’s a grandma, a mom of young children, or mother of the bride-to-be, she deserves something extra this year. Maybe she helped you plan your wedding, maybe she’s home with young children and no break, or maybe she misses her grandchildren fiercly. Below we’ve rounded up some ideas for Mom we think she’d love!

1. Flowers from Celsia Floral

2. A facial and or some special products from Fig (buy a gift card online)

3. Take out from her favourite local restaurant. Nook and Savio Volpe are serving up delicious take-out in Vancouver!

4. A beautiful gift box of thoughtful local boxes from Old Joy (we particularly love the “calm” box).

5. Space and time. If the mom in your life happens to be one with young children, what she might really want in these times is alone time (I love my children but…). Whip up a batch up these Half Baked Harvest cinnamon buns the night before, or order some Cafe Medina waffles from Legends Haul, make her a coffee, and take the kids outside for the morning. 

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