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After a busy and beautiful spring and summer wedding season, we are hitting “pause” this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend to focus on all that we are grateful for; relationships, health, work that we love, and YOU (our incredible clients and community).

Holiday Hosting Tips

Holiday Wreath

Whether you live in an apartment or grand home, hosting is a gift we can all give. A little thought and planning can go a long way in making your guests feel as ease, and your gathering even more special!

Since before my husband and I married, we’ve been hosting at least one holiday gathering each year. From long table dinners, to cocktail parties, and more recently Gingerbread House making parties that our almost 3 year old enjoys. It gives us a reason to deck the halls and spend time with friends and family building traditions. Sometimes the fact that I’m a Wedding Planner can create an expectation that I’ve gone ALL OUT. The truth is, we keep our own holiday events fairly simple. As a host, I truly believe that the best way to allow your guests to relax and enjoy, is to be relaxed yourself! Below are a few tips I follow to keep the celebrations enjoyable for all, and easy to pull off during a very busy time of year!

How to host with ease: 

1. Be Present

When I host, I often choose to serve food that is unfussy and allows me to relax and enjoy with my guests, rather than be wrapped up in the kitchen. Anything I can prepare ahead of time, and simply do the last step or two before serving, is a win!

2. Plan ahead 

You knew I was going to say that right? Don’t leave all the set-up to the day of your party. Get your home in order a few days prior, do the shopping and then assemble what you can the night before or morning of. This will leave you time to get ready yourself, and enjoy the gathering, rather than leaving everything down to the minute before your guests arrive.

3. The Dishes Can wait

My fool proof trick for enjoying the party? The dishes can wait. Before the party have your dishwasher empty so you can quickly load items in. Any serving platters that need to be cleaned get stashed in my oven until after the guest have left. If you are like me, put a sticky note in your room to remind yourself you’ve done this!

4. Less is more

Rather than setting up a buffet of appetizers, choose 3-4 things to serve and do them well. A beautiful charcuterie display with meats, cheeses and fruits (I love mixing in seasonal fruits and nuts) and one-two warm appetizers is a great offering for a causal gathering. The same goes for holiday decor! We typically clear out the clutter and simply add fresh festive greens to the fireplace or stairs, decorate a tree and hang a great wreath on the door.


Enjoy the season!




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